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IDDL is a language and toolset for specifying a system design. RIDDL is not a programming language. This documentation is structured to accommodate many learning styles. It is not intended to be read linearly. This page provides a high level overview of the documentation content.

Pick the topic that interests you the most and feel free to explore:


Everyone should read the Introduction as it answers many fundamental questions about RIDDL, defining what RIDDL is, what it can do, what it is based upon, who helped it come to fruition, and how to get help.


People involved with RIDDL come from many professional roles so there are Guides that provide learning paths for those various roles.


TheConceptual Overview describes each of the dozens of concepts RIDDL uses to help you build a system model. This will be of interest to people that can think abstractly and just want the fact. It is also useful as a reference of the main ideas throughout your learning journey and is the most frequently referenced section in the other sections. This conceptual overview is provided without reference to the syntax or semantics of RIDDL. This section will


For those that like to learn incrementally, there is a Tutorial that walks the reader through the construction of a RIDDL model for a restaurant chain, and the resulting software system to operate it.


If you want to dive into the technical specification for the RIDDL language, you can go to the Language section and learn the language syntax and grammar.


If you want to learn to use the tools that RIDDL provides, you can go to the Tooling section and learn how to install and use them.

Future Work

If you’re interested in knowing how we plan to extend RIDDl in the future, please review our Future Work section.

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