RIDDL Documentation
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RIDDL is a declarative language, in that it declares the definition of certain concrete concepts in a hierarchical fashion. The notion of a definition is abstract since there are many types of definitions, all described in this concepts section. Succinctly, a definition is anything that has a unique name that we call its identifier.

Common Attributes

All definitions have some common attributes:

  • loc: The location of the definition in its input file. (line & column)
  • id: The name, or identifier, of the definition.
  • briefly: A string to briefly describe the definition. These are used in the documentation output and the glossary.
  • description: A block of Markdown that fully describes the definition. All the facilities provided by the
    hugo-geekdoc template for hugo are supported.

These attributes merely provide supplemental information about the definition but are not part of the definition.

Vital Definitions

The vital definitions share a set of attributes that, like the Common Attributes, are informational rather than definitional.