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Who Made RIDDL Possible?


  • Deeply experienced system architect, software developer and entrepreneur.
  • Initiated RIDDL in 2019 and started committing changes to the repository at the end of 2021
  • Founder of Reactific Software LLC which was bought by Ossum Inc. in 2022 which he also founded.


The original enthusiast, co-conspirator, shaper and user of the language, etc. RIDDL wouldn’t be where it is today without James’ contributions.

An early implementor of a hugo translator that inspired much of the current implementation.

Foundational Work

For the notion of command/query separation which led to CQRS

Creator of hugo

Creator of Gherkin

Originator of the Finite State Machine

Eric Brewer {$eric-brewer}

Originator of the CAP Theorem

Originated DDD and authored seminal books on DDD:

Creators of the Saga Pattern

Creator of Akka and many distributed system patterns

Creator of eXtreme Programming

Creator of fastparse used to parse RIDDL.

Creator of the Geekdoc theme for [Hugo](http://github. com/gohugo/)

Creator of the C4 Model For Software Architecture

Author of Domain Driven Design Distilled