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A Feature is a requirement on a context. Features are specified very similarly to the Gherkin language. The same keywords are used and the style is more like RIDDL syntax. If you’re already familiar with Gherkin then an example should suffice:

Feature "Guess the word" is {

  // The first example has two steps
  Scenario "Maker starts a game" is {
    When the Maker starts a game
    Then the Maker waits for a Breaker to join

  // The second example has three steps
  Scenario "Breaker joins a game" is {
    Given the Maker has started a game with a word 
    When the Breaker joins the Maker's game
    Then the Breaker must guess a word knowing the length of the Maker's word choice.
  Scenario "Breaker makes a guess" is {
    Given the Maker and Breaker have joined the same game
    When the Breaker makes a guess
    And the guess is correct
    Then the Breaker wins the game 
    And the game is over
    Else the Breaker may guess again
} described by {
  |The word guess game is a turn-based game for two players.
  |The Maker makes a word for the Breaker to guess. The game
  |is over when the Breaker guesses the Maker's word.