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riddlc --help

riddlc is the command that makes all the magic happen. As you will see, riddlc is a rich and powerful tool for processing RIDDL input.

Command Syntax overview

riddlc uses a sub-command structure. At a high level, the command line syntax is very simple:

> riddlc [common options] command-name [command-options]

Info Command Output

For this version of riddlc:

> content % riddlc info
[info] About riddlc:
[info]            name: riddlc
[info]         version: 0.14.0
[info]   documentation: https://riddl.tech
[info]       copyright: © 2019-2022 Ossum Inc.
[info]        built at: 2022-09-09 11:28:07.485-0400
[info]        licenses: Apache License, Version 2.0
[info]    organization: Ossum Inc.
[info]   scala version: 2.13.8
[info]     sbt version: 1.7.1

the help text shows the commands and options available:

RIDDL Compiler © 2019-2022 Ossum Inc. All rights reserved."
Version: 0.13.3-2-49ff0a59-20220909-1104-SNAPSHOT

This program parses, validates and translates RIDDL sources to other kinds
of documents. RIDDL is a language for system specification based on Domain
Drive Design, Reactive Architecture, and distributed system principles.

Usage: riddlc [options]

  -t | --show-times
        Show compilation phase execution times 
  -d | --dry-run
        go through the motions but don't write any changes
  -v | --verbose
        Provide verbose output detailing riddlc's actions
  -D | --debug
        Enable debug output. Only useful for riddlc developers
  -q | --quiet
        Do not print out any output, just do the requested command
  -w | --suppress-warnings
        Suppress all warning messages so only errors are shown
  -m | --suppress-missing-warnings
        Show warnings about things that are missing
  -s | --suppress-style-warnings
        Show warnings about questionable input style. 
  -P <value> | --plugins-dir <value>
        Load riddlc command extension plugins from this directory.

Usage:  [about|dump|from|help|hugo|info|parse|repeat|validate|version] <args>...

Command: about
  Print out information about RIDDL

Command: dump input-file

Command: from config-file target-command
  Loads a configuration file and executes the command in it
          A HOCON configuration file with riddlc options in it.
          The name of the command to select from the configuration file

Command: help
  Print out how to use this program

Command: hugo [options] input-file
  Parse and validate the input-file and then translate it into the input
  needed for hugo to translate it to a functioning web site.
          required riddl input file to read
    -o <value> | --output-dir <value>
          required output directory for the generated output
    -p <value> | --project-name <value>
          optional project name to associate with the generated output
    -e <value> | --erase-output <value>
          Erase entire output directory before putting out files
    -b <value> | --base-url <value>
          Optional base URL for root of generated http URLs
    -t <value> | --themes <value>
          Add theme name/url pairs to use alternative Hugo themes
    -s <value> | --source-url <value>
          URL to the input file's Git Repository
    -h <value> | --edit-path <value>
          Path to add to source-url to allow editing
    -m <value> | --site-logo-path <value>
          Path, in 'static' directory to placement and use
          of the site logo.
    -n <value> | --site-logo-url <value>
          URL from which to copy the site logo.

Command: info
  Print out build information about this program

Command: parse input-file

Command: repeat [options] config-file target-command [refresh-rate] [max-cycles]
  This command supports the edit-build-check cycle. It doesn't end
  until <max-cycles> has completed or EOF is reached on standard
  input. During that time, the selected subcommands are repeated.
          The path to the configuration file that should be repeated
          The name of the command to select from the configuration file
          Specifies the rate at which the <git-clone-dir> is checked
  for updates so the process to regenerate the hugo site is
          Limit the number of check cycles that will be repeated.
    -n | --interactive
          This option causes the repeat command to read from the standard
          input and when it reaches EOF (Ctrl-D is entered) then it cancels
          the loop to exit.

Command: validate input-file

Command: version
  Print the version of riddlc and exits