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Installing `riddlc`

This guide helps you to install the riddlc tool on your local computer. Before installation, you will need to follow the steps defined on the build page.

Universal Installer

RIDDL’s build system can generate a universal installation package that produces a zip file that can be unpacked and it provides a script to run on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

1. Build Universal Installer

> project riddlc
> universal:packageBin

2. Move Generated ZIP File

a. Step 1 will have produce a .zip file in the riddlc/target/universal directory. b. Copy this .zip file to the machine on which you wish to install riddlc c. On that machine, unpack the .zip file with unzip <path-to-zip> You will now have a directory named something like:riddl-0.5.6/bin but the version # might be different. d. Put that bin directory in your path e. Now you can just run riddlc from the command line

Native Installer

TBD. Some day we will have a native installer for each platform.