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Some people can learn RIDDL faster by looking at examples than by reading the informal definitions in the language guide or the formal definitions in the grammar section. To support that mode of learning, this section decomposes the domain of a restaurant, Reactive BBQ.

This section provides some examples of how RIDDL can be used.

About Reactive BBQ

The Reactive BBQ domain is a familiar one for those who have taken the
Lightbend Reactive Architecture Professional (LRA-P) course which uses this example throughout the course to good effect in the workshops. The same premises apply in this domain, but we have chosen to fully specify it in RIDDL.

As you might guess from the name, Reactive BBQ is a restaurant chain that serves spicy (reactive!) BBQ dishes. It doesn’t exist of course, even if some people may or may not have mistaken R&R BBQ in Salt Lake City for the Reactive version in 2018.

The Reactive BBQ case study in the LRA-P course included interviews with several fictitious employees. [Those interviews and the case study material have been replicated in this scenario description with thanks to Lightbend; and we recommend that you read that scenario first.

The RIDDL files for Reactive BBQ are arranged into a directory structure, each with an explanation page as follows: