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What is your role in the restaurant?

I take drink orders at the bar and entertain the guests. I mix the drinks and take them to the customers when they are ready. When the customer is done for the day I help them settle their tab.

I also mix drink orders for the servers in the restaurant. The servers deliver those drinks. I just get them ready and leave them on a tray with the table number so the servers know where they go.

At the end of a shift I cash out with the restaurant and take my tips.

What challenges do you face?

Sometimes drink orders will sit for a really long time. When a drink is ordered a ticket prints out at my station and I usually make it right away. But the servers get busy, or they forget to check for the order. The drink ends up sitting on the counter for a while before they are able to come and get it. This means the ice is melting and it can really ruin a good drink.

It would be nice if there was a way to let the server know that their order is ready. Sometimes I end up looking around and trying to signal them if the drink has been sitting for a while, but they aren’t always easy to track down because they might be busy talking to customers. It would be nice if there was some way to get someone else to deliver the drinks. I would do it, but I am not allowed to leave the bar unattended.

Bartender’s Key Details

  • Bartender takes drink orders at the bar.
  • Bartender prepares drinks for customers at the bar.
  • Bartender delivers drink orders to customers at the bar.
  • Bartender collects payments for the customers at the bar.
  • Bartender prepares drinks for tables to be taken out be the servers.
  • Collect tips, similar to the server.
  • Would like a way to notify servers when something is ready.