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What is your role in the restaurant?

I oversee the entire kitchen and all of its staff. I source local ingredients required to prepare our menu items. The menu is decided on monthly and distributed via email. I inspect all prepared orders that leave the kitchen.

What challenges do you face?

I think the worst thing is when the system that prints our orders goes haywire. Sometimes the system crashes and orders get lost. While it is down we don’t know what needs to be made. The servers have to resort to handwritten tickets and it’s sometimes difficult to read their writing. Some of it is really just gibberish. It results in a lot of orders getting missed or getting made improperly.

The servers complain a lot about the system being slow, but we don’t really see that in the kitchen. Once they enter an order it usually prints out right away as long as the system is working.

Chef’s Key Details

  • Chef sources local ingredients for the menu.
  • Chef inspects all orders that leave the kitchen.
  • Orders get lost when the system fails.
  • Handwritten tickets are a pain.