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What is your role in the restaurant?

Depending on the day, I work at different stations in the kitchen. The chef tells me where I will be working for that day. I prepare orders according to the tickets that get printed out at my station. Once an order is ready, I take it over to a station where we gather all the pieces of that order. The chef then approves it and we notifiy the server that their order is ready.

What challenges do you face?

Handwritten tickets. Man do I hate those things. We have this one server that writes in this horrible chicken scratch. Every time he brings me these tickets, I have to get her to explain to me what she has written. It’s just awful.

Then there is the server’s attitudes. It’s pretty good most of the time, but when things get busy they start to get really annoying. When they get frustrated they kind of take it out on us in the kitchen. They start yelling about their orders taking too long. I try to explain to them that there are other orders that came first and I have to do them before I can get to theirs, but it doesn’t help. They end up storming off. I hear them talking sometimes like it’s our fault somehow.

Cook’s Key Details

  • Printed Ticket provide details on orders to be prepared.
  • Handwritten tickets are a pain.
  • Servers are frustrated.