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Online Customer

Describe how you place an order online with Reactive BBQ

Well, I go to the website and they have their menu there. I have a look at the menu and decide what I want. The menu is organized into different sections, like lunch, dinner, appetizers, dessert, that sort of thing. The menu online isn’t identical to what I get in the restaurant, but it’s pretty close. I have also done it through the phone app they have.

As I find things that I want, I add them to my order. Then when I have everything I want, I checkout.

To checkout I have to give them some information, like the delivery address, my phone number, that sort of thing. I also have to give them my credit card information so that I can pay for it. I order pretty often though, so they have all of that stuff on file already. I just enter my username and password. Once that is done, I finish the order and then I have to wait.

And what happens when your food is delivered?

The driver brings the food to the door. They hand me the food. I usually pay online. I love that when they come to the door, I don’t have to give them money. I can enter a tip online too so that I don’t have to give them anything, but it always feels a bit weird to tip them when they haven’t delivered the food yet. If I have cash I will often pay for the food online but then give them the tip in person. I live pretty far away and it’s a bit of a drive for them, so I usually tip them pretty well. I like to see their smile when I give it to them in person.

Do you ever order pickup?

Sometimes. I order pickup once in a while and just grab it on my way home from work. I can still order online so I usually do that, and then I just choose pickup instead of delivery. Sometimes, if I am away from my computer, I will just phone them and order something instead.

Do you ever have trouble ordering online?

Sometimes. Their website and app aren’t always working. Or if it is working it can be really slow. I don’t mind waiting when it’s slow, unless I am in a hurry or really hungry. But when it doesn’t work at all, I usually just don’t bother. When that happens I will usually just order from the other place down the street. The food isn’t as good, and their website is kind of hard to use, but it gets the job done in a pinch.

Have you ever used the online reservation system?

I have used it once or twice. I usually eat at home so I don’t use it that often. But it has been okay when I have used it. I don’t get to pick specific tables or anything. I just give them a few details about what I want, like how many people, whether I want a booth, that sort of thing.

Online Customer’s Key Details

  • Customer adds menu items to their order through the website/app.
  • Customer checks out when they have completed their order.
  • Customer enters delivery or pickup information.
  • Customer authorizes payment and tip through the website/app.
  • Customer makes reservations through the website/app.
  • Website/app doesn’t always work, forcing customer to go elsewhere.