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An Input is the abstract notion of some information provided to an application by its user (an user). To make this more tangible, inputs could be implemented as any of the following:

  • the submission of a typical htML form a user could fill in,
  • the tap of a button on a mobile device,
  • the selection of items from a list on a native application,
  • a voice response providing information via any IVR system,
  • a thought interpreted by a neural link,
  • a physical movement interpreted by a motion-detection device,
  • a retinal scan,
  • picking items from lists of information by looking and blinking
  • or any other system by which a human may provide information to a machine

The nature of the implementation for an input is up to the UI Designer. RIDDL’s concept of it is based on the net result: the data type received by the application.

An input is a named component of an application that receives data of a specific type from an
user (user) of the application. Each input can define data types and declares a command message as the data received by the application’s input.

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