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RIDDL supports the definition of complex data streaming models. There are two basic definitions involved in setting up a pipeline: a pipe, and a processor. There are several kinds of pipes and processors, and they can be combined to form entire systems of data processing known as a plant. These metaphors come from chemical processing concepts which you can visualize as something like this:

Visualization Of Pipeline

All you have to do is remember the 3 P’s:

  • Pipes - Pipes are conduits for reliably transmitting messages of a particular type of data between processors that are connected to the pipe.
  • Processors - While pipes reliably transport data from its producers to its consumers, processors are the producers, consumers, and transformers of data. Notably, entities are processors of pipes too.
  • Plants - Plants combine pipes and processors together with support for rich semantics so that arbitrarily complex streams can be modeled in RIDDL.