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How Can I Get Help?

Here are some options for getting help. Pick the item below that best fits your needs:

I Need A Bug Fixed

While RIDDL is competent enough to be used for a production software project, we still consider it to be in a pre-release, early preview stage. Consequently, we are very eager to perfect it and your bug submission will help with that.

Please submit your bug via GitHub at this location. In the comment area, please ensure you do the following:

  • Provide the release version that the riddlc version command puts out.
  • Provide a clear statement of the symptom of the bug.
  • Provide a minimal reproduction case. Usually that involves providing as small a sample of RIDDL source code as possible that makes the symptom happen. This will be added to RIDDL’s regression test suite. NOTE: If we can’t reproduce the symptom, we cannot provide a fix to it.
  • Label your new issue with the “Bug” (red) label, so we are sure to prioritize it.

I Need RIDDL To Generate Something Else

These kinds of requests are very important to us. We are very interested in creating a set of useful RIDDL translators for many kinds of purposes. For these kinds of feature request, please bypass GitHub and reach out directly to [Reid Spencer](/introduction/who-made-riddl-possible/#reid-spencer at reid@ossum.biz

I Want To Make A Feature Suggestion

There are many things we want to do with RIDDL, some of them are documented on the future work page. You can also find a list of new features already requested by clicking here

We would appreciate help with implementing new features and suggest that you clone the repository and submit a pull request.

If your feature suggestion is not already recorded, and you’re unable to implement the feature yourself, please submit your feature suggestion via GitHub at this location. Please ensure you do the following:

  • Provide a clear statement of the feature you are suggesting we implement. Be as detailed as you can. We can handle it! :)
  • Label your new issue with the “Enhancement” (mint green) label and any other label that helps categorize it (except “Bug”).

I Need Commercial Support

Commercial support is available by sending an email describing your needs to [Reid Spencer](/introduction/who-made-riddl-possible/#reid-spencer at reid@ossum.biz. Reid will reflect upon your request and suggest a time to have a Zoom conference call to discuss further.

I Just Want To Chat With Someone About RIDDL

You can use the Discussions feature on GitHub