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Who Can Benefit From RIDDL?

RIDDL is technology-agnostic, but not design-agnostic. It is purposefully aimed at the design of large scale, distributed systems based on a reactive architecture. RIDDL allows specification of the design of a system, without regard to programming language, cloud vendor choice, or specific technology choices. Using RIDDL allows a living design to evolve through every stage of the development process and then through continuing maintenance and evolution of the system designed.

Consequently, the people who can benefit from RIDDL are software development teams that want a precise and consistent way of specifying its evolving design as a guide to all stakeholders. RIDDL aims to support such teams with productivity increases by:

  • integrating with SBOM tools like Backstage
  • rapidly generating documentation with every change to keep the team on the same page
  • rapidly generating interface code for things like Smithy, Protocol Buffers, and OpenAPI
  • providing the software context for use with a GPT-based code generator to speed up development and refactoring.