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Relating To Riddl -- Domain Expert's Guide

Understanding RIDDL is a complex domain on its own. RIDDL uses a variety of very abstract concepts that are adept at describing the design and architecture of computing systems. This section helps you understand

It is up to the authors working with you to translate your expertise into a system model that uses RIDDL. You could do that even if they weren’t using RIDDL. However, since you’re reading this, we’ll assume they are using RIDDL. Consequently, it will be beneficial to you and your project to be informed of the essential concepts in RIDDL. The subsections that follow will provide that for you.

Message Passing Systems

The essential tenet of a large distributed system is the passing of messages between system components. Unlike RPCs, APIs or function calls, messages are, essentially, the codification of invocations of behavior on the component to which they are sent. Even a user clicking a button implicitly delivers a “you have been clicked” message to the button. RIDDL models these things directly.


A processor in RIDDL, is the definition of an abstract component


Effects (Statements)




While you could spend a few days wading through the scores of entries in the Concepts section, you don’t really need all that complexity. There are only just a few basic ideas you need to understand: