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RIDDL uses Gherkin examples in various places to express a functionality or behavior requirement on the definition that uses it. Gherkin examples are used in these places:


Gherkin is a language developed by SmartBear Software, a vendor of software quality tools, for the cucumber testing system. RIDDL uses a subset of the language as SmartBear has defined it. Four constructs are used in RIDDL:

  • GIVEN - A description of the scenario, environment, or setting of the example
  • WHEN - A condition that must be true for this example to be applicable
  • THEN - An action, or set of actions, that are to be performed
  • BUT - An action, or set of actions, that are not to be performed


example AllDone is {
  Given "I am out shopping"
  And "I have eggs"
  And "I have milk"
  And "I have butter"
  When "I check my list"
  Then "I don't need anything"